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Amber Fife
What do art and self-care have in common? 
When we slow down and take a minute to create, we release tension and physically relax. Learn from Amber Fife why she believes that art and self-care are imperative to growth as a mom. 
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Carrie Harper

Postpartum tips and tricks
Having a baby is hard. But does the after baby body have you down? Carrie Harper, certified trainer and coach, shares how to give your body a break and come back swinging after a baby.
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Cheryl Cardall

Admitting you need some guidance is sometimes the hardest step
when loving someone with a mental illness. 

Those with children who have a mental illness know that some days it seems like control and routine don't exist. Meet momma, Cheryl Cardall, who shares her story of handling mental illness in the home as well as ways to give up control and have the best relationship with your children. 
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Eugenia Battaglia

Eugenia Battaglia shares style tips specific to moms and how equally important the inside is to the outside.  
She was the single mom of 3 kids all under the age of 6 with no job and no degree. Listen in as Eugenia shares her story of building her business and why how you feel on the inside is represented on the outside. 
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Kara Murri

Sometimes you just gotta look yourself in the eye and say,
"Today, I am enough". 

The MOST important words we say all day are the ones we say to ourselves. If you're like most people, most of the words we say to ourselves are words we'd never say out loud. Kara shares some way to change this behavior and show ourselves a little more self-love. 
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Lauren Pace
There's a whole lot of emotions in a child's body that they don't know how to verbalize. 
Ever been in the store and your child starts to just melt down? Do you give in to what they want just to keep them quiet (#guilty) or do we help them learn a few ways to better manage our tempers together? Brining awareness to our feelings is a great skill for our children to learn early on.
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Roger Allen
Faith Vs Fear? How do you parent your kids?
He spent the first 10 years of his career in psychology and then transitioned to business consulting. What did he learn? Relationships are relationships. He covers ways to communicate in ways that connect and empower our children. 
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Tiffani Sierra
Some days does it seem just impossible to brush your teeth let alone leave the house? 
“Mothers are like glue. Even when you can't see them, they're still holding the family together.” —Susan Gale

 Some days it feels like the whole world is hanging on your shoulders. How do we juggle it all? Tiffani shares a few ways to better prioritize and execute as a mom.
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Rich Christiansen
Looking to create a tight knit family? 
Fan favorite, Rich Christensen, shares his recipes for how to stabilize your families with symbols, doctrine, traditions, defining events and structure. He shares parts of his 5 steps to creating a tight knit family and shares a few cute stories along the way.
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