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Find Better Parenting Tools And Strategies
You don’t need to risk spending countless hours online or reading a million parenting books when you have the blueprint to success that will help you get there with a greater sense of peace.
Discover Simple Ways To Show Up Better For Your Kids
With the right tools YOU CAN show up with intention without flying by the seat of your pants. 
Get your Kids To Listen
You may have realized that you’ve been yelling or losing your cool because you haven’t found another way yet.  Well, you’re about to get the keys to help change the game.
Explore Out How Be A Good Enough Mom
How do you know if you are doing a 'good enough' job as a Mom? We know if you're here you already are good enough. In this conference we'll be talking about how stay feeling like you are 'enough'. 
Leverage The Expertise of Our Presenters To Deal With The Heavy Things In Motherhood That No One Is Talking About
Are you ready for a community and the support of other moms to help you deal with the heavy things in motherhood sometimes doesn't get talked about? If you want to avoid overwhelm and the feeling of not being enough, then you’re in the right place!
Create A Lasting And Fulfilling Relationship With Your Kids
Even if you believe that you’ve tried everything and you’ve lost faith in the “parenting” solutions out there, you no longer have to worry about struggling with overwhelm. Success can be yours if you follow these proven steps.
And if that wasn’t enough, the wisdom that could be yours in just moments from now will provide you with the exact processes and strategies to...

Quickly Learn Strategies That You Can Use Today To Get Results
Strengthen Your Relationships And Your Family
Rapidly Simplify Your Life
Realize Your Own Power In Meeting Your Child's Needs And Directing Your Own Life
Achieve Your Dreams Of Building A Connected Family
Meet Your Summit Hosts - Andrea, Lauren & CC
Andrea Reindl has been running businesses for more than half of her life. For the last decade of that, she has supported high-performing visionaries bringing their ideas to reality through her digital branding and marketing agency. Andrea is a single Mom of 2 teenagers. She joined the Mom Conference team in 2020 to head up creating a community for Mommas that are out in the world doing their best, raising our kids, and trying to juggle it all. You can find Andrea’s adventures and mishaps over on Instagram at

Lauren McClain is a sports broadcaster, radio host and interviewer. She graduated from Brigham Young University in Broadcast Journalism and was a sideline reporter and host for BYUtv Sports for several years. After her first son was born, she decided to work mainly from home in order to focus more on raising her boy. She is currently a radio host for a show called Cougar Tailgate on BYU Radio and is an interviewer for the Mom Conference. She is a wife and mother of two boys.

CC Sampson is first and foremost the mother of 6 fun and crazy children. She graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science with a teaching emphasis. After her 3 year old son passed away in a tragic accident, CC started the Live for Levi Foundation, a non-profit organization that assists families going through adversity and tragedy. She currently works with The Mom Conference and enjoys sharing life experiences and learning from other moms.
Our Conference Presenters
Amazing Presentations From Our World-Class Parenting Experts

Mindfully Navigating Co-Parenting
Co-Parenting doesn't have to be classic evil step-parent "Cinderella" story. Join Abbey Williams as she gives a few tips and tricks on how to mindfully navigate the world of co-parenting.

From One to Two
Whether you are just barely adding a new baby into your circle or their teens and navigating different challenges, Anna Cole addresses sibling rivalry and how to make each child feel loved. She also walks through a few practical ideas for how to make each child feel loved through things such as "special time" and more.

Learning to Dance in the Rain
Learn from Connie Jakab, a mom of several children, who deals with mental health issues and the day to day of being a mom. She shares a few secrets on how sometimes making changes to ourselves helps our children make their necessary growth patterns themselves.
Did They Really Come From Me?
Join Gemma as she shares 5 strategies for being an imperfect parent and still having incredible kids. Come along for the ride as she shares a story or two about her own personal motherhood journey.
Mom Magic Business Creations
Self proclaimed "overachiever", Kerri shares a few ways on how to create "mompreneur magic". How? By not having to choose between working from home and being a mom. It all starts with the first step...choice.
Secrets of Being a Mom
Being a new mom can be both exciting and terrifying all at the same time! It's always good to get some perspective from other moms who have been there done that. Michelle shares a few things she wishes someone would have shared before becoming a mom.
Bath, Bed, and Beyond
Samantha covers a few ways to help your infant or child sleep better and how important sleep is to the development of a child's brain and growth.

Healthy Balance in Life, Family & Business
The answer? Balance. Tune into Tramika who shares how to run a more balanced household of life, family, and business.

Embracing the Flow
Meet Alexandra. She was born in Peru, raised in Canada, speaks 4 languages and lived in 8 countries. Listen as she walks through how we as women can embrace our menstrual cycle and adapt our lifestyle to suit.

NOT "Keeping Up With The Jones"
Betsy left social media because she couldn't handle all the pressure of "keeping up with the Jones". She shares some of her un-perfect moments as a parent and how to cope with being an imperfect mom in a picture-perfect world.
Micro-dosing Mindfulness for Families
Catherine shares a few tips and tricks on how to be introduce mindfulness into your family. Sometimes this topic can be a little overwhelming, but join Catherine as she not only simplifies but empowers us to be the mom we are meant to be. Whatever that is.
Growing with Grace
Mom coach Deborah Porter shares a few ways on how to give yourself some grace during this thing called "mom life" and have some confidence while doing it. She offers some guidance on how to accept help, be supported by those around her, and how to create systems in their home to create a win-win dynamic.
Put Your Bra On Before You Leave the House
For so long, we as moms have put our kids first. It's a courageous thing and no one understands selflessness like a mom. BUT sometimes... putting yourself first IS the best thing for your children.
No more monkeys jumping on the bed
Kim shares how to pick a sleep coaching method that sticks with your child, no matter the previous sleep history.
The Brave Art of Motherhood
Meet Rachel! She is a world-renowned speaker, author, and mom of 11 who focuses on how to live each day with purpose and drive. Today she shares how yo live life with a purpose of your own while raising children. She also gives advice on how to look for the good in a story that may be less than perfect.
It's Okay to Be Weird
Sami is a Nashville local who loves to share how to help our children live their lives to their truest selves. Standing out from the rest can look like raising kind children, children who are aware of people in the world around them, and other things that aren't so common in today's world. She shares how to teach them the WHY of living an intentional life for good and making a difference where you are with what you have.
How to Speak "Married"
Marriage is hard. But it doesn't have to be. Trina shares some ways to strengthen marriages and make them a place of safety and most importantly FUN!
Taming your Chaos
Amanda Krill has been there, done that. Listen in on her story of how she started her business, successfully raised 3 kids and a business all at once. She shares tips and tricks on how to tame the chaos that is life in the 21st century.
How to Speak 4 Year Old (AKA Kid)
Meet Bill!  He is a professional communication coach by trade but we like to think of him as a "children speak whisperer". In this interview, Bill goes through tips and examples on how you can communicate better with your kids for the maximum amount of understanding on both sides.
Meet the Cyber Mom
Did you know there was a way to make sure your children aren't viewing things they shouldn't be on the internet and social media? Meet the Cyber Mom! In this interview, Chelsea shares a few ideas on how to keep your kids safe when it comes to the internet.
Managing the Chaos in the Morning
Learn 5 strategies for creating better health, business and self. CEO and Founder and bidding war amongst all 5 dragons, winner of Kevin Harrington's pitch competition
JoAnn Crohn

Juggling All The BALLS
Parent educator JoAnn, creator of No Guilt Mom, shares how to juggle all the balls. (Quite literally BALLS). Tune into hear what that means and how to implement into your mom life.

7 Days To Happiness
Make happiness a practice, not a destination, based on your definition and your goals — so you can be authentically, unapologetically you.
Burn The "Supposed to Rule Book"
Renee talks about how we can throw out the social norms of raising kids and running a businesss as a mom. Social norms say one thing but are those the things that will be affective for your kids? Renee shares her personal examples of being a mom and business owner.
Safety First
It's not a topic that we as moms like to talk about because the thought of our kids being in danger is one we'd like to avoid. However, Steve shares a few ways that we can teach our children safety and self protection as children and parents to keep ourselves safe. Similar to the oxygen principle, you have to keep yourself safe before you can keep your children first.
Can't We All Get Along?
Wendy talks about what sensory preferences are and how they may affect your kids. She talks through solutions to make sure everyone gets what they need within the home.
Painting Your Inner Self-Care
When we slow down and take a minute to create, we release tension and physically relax. Learn from Amber Fife why she believes that art and self-care are imperative to growth as a mom.
 Strong Mind, Strong Body 
Having a baby is hard. But does the after baby body have you down? Carrie Harper, certified trainer and coach shares how to give your body a break and come back swinging' after a baby.
Give up Control and LIVE!
Those with children who have a mental illness know that some days it seems like control and routine don't exist. Meet mama Cheryl Cardall who shares her story of handling mental illness in the home as well as ways to give up control and have the best relationship with your children.
From the Inside Out
She was the single mom of 3 kids all under the age of 6 with no job and no degree. Listen in as Eugenia shares her story of building her business and how important how you feel on the inside is represented on the outside.
Today I am Enough
The MOST important words we say all day are the ones we say to ourselves. If you're like most people most of the words we say to ourselves are words we'd never say … Kara shares some way to change this behavior and show ourselves a little more self love.
From Temper Tantrum to Temper Awareness
Ever been in the store and your child starts to just melt down? Do you give in to what they want just to keep them quiet (#guilty) or do we help them learn a few ways to better manage our tempers together? Brining awareness to our feelings is a great tool for our children to learn early on.
Where Does Your Parenting Style Stem From?
He spent the first 10 years of his career in psychology and then transitioned to business consulting. What did he learn? Relationships are relationships. He covers ways to communicate in ways that connect and empower our children.
The Real Mom
“Mothers are like glue. Even when you can’t see them, they’re still holding the family together.” —Susan Gale  Some days it feels like the whole world is hanging on your shoulders. How do we juggle it all? Tiffani shares a few ways to better prioritize and execute as a mom.
Building Family Legacies
Fan favorite, Rich Christiansen returns to share how you can build tighter family bonds and traditions that will keep you close to your kids.
We've Left Nothing Out of This Exceptional Educational Experience!  
And A Live Workshop!
Build Family Legacies
May 19 @ 1pm New York Time
with Rich Christiansen & Andrea Reindl
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